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Cover Page - The first impression




I was required to work on cover page creative concept for the annual report which is the financial report of a period, usually a year, that provides a summary of the company as well as its performance over the financial period. 

The cover page also referred to as the title page, of the annual report holds great significance. The cover page is the first page of the report which holds the basic information about the company as well as the summary of the inside financial report. The annual report cover page, generally, includes the following details:

  • Company name

  • Company logo and slogan/tag line

  • Company address

  • Company’s contact details and/or website

  • Report title

  • Financial year

As the cover page, usually, is the first thing that is glanced at by the viewer, it signifies its importance. In addition to that, if the cover page is attractive and informative, it might push the stakeholder to go through the whole report. On the contrary, if the cover page is not successful in generating the stakeholder’s interest, he/she might just discard the report without going into the details. If the stakeholder is an investor, in this case, it might mean a loss of potential finances for the company.

eBook-Ready for download


This Annual Report was optimised by putting books online. Users access e-books from a variety of places other including other oncampus locations, off-campus dorms, and through wireless capabilities in a variety of locations. 

Versions created


There were other variations of the design (Front & Back) created as below