Motion Graphics/Animation


Highradius is a Fintech enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. The Highradius Integrated Receivables platform optimises cash flow through automation of receivables and payments processes across credit, collections, cash allocation, deductions, electronic billing and payment processing.

Product Video - Cash Application OnDemand


Cash Application OnDemand is a solution for automating cash application across all payment and remittance formats. It is one of the 15 popular ERP based products that Highradius owns.


This product video of length of approximately 2 mins and 6 mins was created targeted towards the website and sales demonstration.These are intended to create curiosity and generate leads from the website traffic and also help the clients understand the products, its features and functionality in detail.

I gathered information from a sales demonstration provided by a sales team member, consolidated the content to fit the same within the required time frame (2 mins and 6 mins videos).

Rationale behind project 


Make the users understand the product via "Solutions Architectural diagram". This shows how it captures the payment data coming in from their bank and combines it with the various forms of remittance data from their customers. This data passes through transformation rules specific to the users’ business needs to create enriched information that can be easily and automatically fed into their existing ERP. The end result is the complete cash-application automation, eliminating any manual intervention.

Solution Architectural Diagram


This diagram was used by the sales team to give the demonstration to the clients making them understand the workflow of the product.

After creating the video it became much easier for the team to brief their clients on the workflow of the product. This video was also used in the website, outbound marketing events and trade shows, thus helping to generate more leads.



After a thorough planning, I prepared the final storyboard based on the consolidated content archived from the demonstration provided by the sales team member. This storyboard provided the estimated length for the script, which was 3.25 mins based on which the graphical elements had to be created.

Tools & File Format

The second stage was where all the visuals assets were designed based on the approved script. The tools extensively used were Adobe creative products like Photoshop (high end photo editing tool, rastor/pixel based images), Illustrator (to create clean images, graphs, logos, diagrams etc that can be scaled up and down infinitely without ever losing quality) and Flash to execute the final integrated visuals.

Post the finalisation of the visuals, the script was sent to the relevant person for recording. The audio clips were obtained as independent files in mp3 format.


The final stage is the integration of audio/voice-over and images/visuals. While doing the final compilation or integration, the audio was further split into pieces, scaled the pitch, created silence, removed noise, created delays etc. as needed to suit the visual. The tool  used to edit audio clips was "Sound Forge", a digital audio editing software.


The final video exported from Flash is further converted into a widely used video format across the web.