Kidsafe, the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia (CAPFA), is dedicated to the prevention of unintentional death, injury and associated disability to children.

Kidsafe Certification Logo Design
Stamp of Approval
Kidsafe has a highly recognisable logo with characters that resonate well with the public – they needed to develop a complementary logo which may or may not retain some elements of the original design, but can be clearly differentiated from their existing design.


To develop a highly recognisable logo for use by Kidsafe as a ‘stamp of approval’ on specific products.
Proposed design samples 

To keep things simple and clean, I preferred to include either just one key element which is "K" alphabet or a maximum of three elements, "Kdf" embedded in a standard circular shape. 

Examples of the 6 different variations provided are asbelow


Wireframe Creations

Based on the segregated information, I worked on some low fidelity wireframes to kick start my Visual - UI Design for the native App.

Finalised designs for stage 2 
The designs were tested on a dark and light background to check for the appropriate contrast
The above three variations would be polled to finalise the logo.