Monash College is a leader in transition education. For over 20 years it has prepared the next generation of global professionals, equipping them to capably succeed at university and in their careers. Monash College in Australia is owned by Monash University, Australia's largest international university. 

Redesign Portal
Redesigning the Intranet for the students of Monash college which is a single user interface that centralizes access to content, data and key tasks.
The goal was to recreate a structured, well designed, intuitive responsive design prototype for mobile and desktop.


Collaboration, requirements gathering and Segregation of data
I distributed two sticky notes to each participant and asked them to write down any two pain points or difficulty they came across while interacting with the portal. This helped me to gather important information which became the focus areas and the key to build a more user friendly and useful product.
Such similar interviews were conducted with 4 different groups to obtain  more accuracy in the results​.
The user's pain points extracted from this research are as below:


Restructured Wireframe
Iconography- Testing recognizability and aesthetic appeal
Two versions of the icons were created based on color contrast and a preference test was quickly done to measure user opinion around what the icon means, and how it 'feels’ to them.
To extract the maximum out of user testing I designed the high fidelity clickable prototype as below.  The client was leaning towards implementing the familiar structure of the LinkedIn user interface.


High-Fidelity Prototype- Extracting detailed Feedback



Live Chat Implementation


Live chat helped students in the real time to sort out any technical problem. Many other instant queries were answered leaving the students with a delightful user experience.


Layout for the Mobile Environment
Design Considerations for the Mobile Web 
Prioritize navigation based on the way users work with functionality
Minimize the levels of navigation involved
Offer short-key access to different features
Ensure labelling is clear and concise for navigation
Offering alternative input mechanisms (video, voice, etc.)
Minimizing inputs in forms
Allowing permanent sign in
Minimizing page size for rapid loading
Reducing the numbers of embedded images to a minimum (speeding up load times)