Highradius is a Fintech enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. The Highradius Integrated Receivables platform optimises cash flow through automation of receivables and payments processes across credit, collections, cash allocation, deductions, electronic billing and payment processing.

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It would be great to reach the audience if instead of just seeing the ad or watching it on TV, they could walk around inside that ad and smell, taste and touch our brand. Office branding accomplishes that by enabling companies to utilize all five senses in communicating their message. From the moment a client steps into our office space their attitude about our brand can be altered with strategic colour selections, logo placement, and even the sounds that emanate from your space.

It can be hard to give a daily reminder to each employee why they work for your company and what it means to be a part of your brand. Using graphic installations and the right colour scheme, we can communicate our company’s core beliefs, mission, purpose and inspire them 24 hours a day where it matters most.

Ideas & Initiation: Having the competitors in mind, I loved the thought of having a creative message that constantly inspires to keep working hard with an aspiration to win.

Since winning inspires and develop courage in an individual, I decided to include the character of Uma Thurman from the movie “Kill Bill” to represent our brand. The idea was to bring the fight concept from the movie to relate it to our brand. A brand that believes in strength, Willpower, Truth and Belief. I did some research on her fight scenes and picked up a snapshot of her move to represent the character in our brand.

The idea was to represent Highradius with its competitors on the wall.

Steps Towards Progress
Finished Design - Ready for Print


The face of Uma Thurman was considered as the strong point, hence after a mass feedback, was decided to retain the face and include the Highradius logo as emblem on the outfit of the character 

Conceptual Mega Wall Poster 2

Objective: Design a creative that reflects company culture or personality of an organization. Highradius has a vibrant culture and so its work environment & ethics.