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Promotional Emailer - Product Branding


The primary focus of a promotional email is to get the word out to potential customers about the product or service.The ultimate goal of an email promotion is to move a potential customer through the sales funnel to a conversion.

It was designed to prompt the email recipients to click on the image and redirect them to the company's product website so the users end up looking at other products and its features if they are not willing to take a decision on the advertised product on the emailer.

Rationale behind the selected design


The overall design created is based on the already existing style of Kogan. I visualised to retain the basic design style to maintain the consistency.


I aimed at building a curiosity among the visitors through the promotonal emailer which prompts the user to click on the emailer to know more by having a call to action button “MORE INFORMATION”. On clicking the emailer/"More Information" tab, the user is redirected to the company’s product page that display the product banner and other information regarding the sale.

This emailer does not highlight the product price and other offers etc. It rather tries to touch the sensitive side of the user. I illustrated the important features using icons at the left.

Since this is promotional banner and not targeted to the converted leads, I had eliminated the sales pitch and tried to generate leads by developing an emotional connect with the user.

The reason behind using the baby’s image is to convey that there can’t be anything more secure and safe than seeing a child  sleeping peacefully which is also one of the feature of this product (Up to 10 metres night vision)

Banner - Product page (Website)


Product page (Website)